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Tylee's Human-Grade Dog Food (3rd post review)

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We just finished our 30 day trial of Exclusive Tylee's Human-Grade Dog food. Overall the dogs did really good on the food & enjoyed it added to their Acana kibble. I hope they pan on adding more meat choices. I would love to see a venison or duck added. Mia and Bella usually get a upset tummy when switching food but they did amazing. Dino has no problem when switching, his only problem is he gets super bored. I always have to switch up different protein flavors with him. Their coats stay the same I didn't see much difference with them. Their stool also stayed the same. They have pretty good coats & stool already because their Kibble diet is Acana. We are staying away from wet food with the dogs because of all the recent recalls. So Tylee's is added to our list with food rolls & dehydrated food. Another reason I like Tylee's is because if you forget to put some in the fridge from the freeze, you can defrost in the microwave. I forgot a few times to put a few cups in the fridge before. This is great for dogs with food allergies also. It has 1 meat protein. still has the awesome special Buy 1 bag Get 1 bag free. 

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