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Stella & Chewy 30 Day Challenge ( 2nd Post

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Did you know feeding Raw is easy? I got the chance to try out Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties for 30 days!

I will be using these as a mixer for my dogs kibble instead of boring wet food. 

Stella & Chewy is a great company. One of my favorites out there. Made in USA, in their own factory. Use quality ingredients sourced from farmers & ranchers they trust! Stella & Chewy make feeding your dog a healthy raw diet easy. All their products are great from treats, frozen raw, freeze-dried, and even kibble. 

I picked the Tantalizing Turkey for my crew to try out for a month. Turkey is one of their favorite proteins. 


For my 2nd Post I will talk about how the dogs like the food, how they're doing, any changes. 


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Do my dogs like Stella & Chewy? YES!!!! They love it. I use one patty (Crumbled) in each meal with their kibble. Great & Easy way to add raw to their diet. I also had a little warm water to the crumbled patty than I mix it. You can feed it dry also.

How are they doing/any changes? Doing great. Nothing really has changed because they're on a high quality kibble (Health Extension). They had no issues when switching from wet food to Stella & Chewy. Their stool has stayed firm and coats are still the same.


My 3rd post (end of 30 Days) will talk about my final thoughts on Stella & Chewy. 



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