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Feeding a Dehydrated Diet Part 1 (

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Do you know how easy it is to feed or add a Dehydrated food?

It's super easy with The Honest Kitchen. 

All you have to do is add water, yep that easy. 

We got the chance to try out The Honest Kitchen for 30 Day Trial from


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Our First Thoughts:

Looking at any of their boxes you can tell this food is awesome. I LOVE The Honest Kitchen Company. My dogs have tried this brand before but have never tried the Duck Formula. 

With 3 big dogs I just add The Honest Kitchen to their kibble (Health Extension). 

Great way to add fresh food plus it's way better than canned food. 

The Ingredients are Human-Grade, Gluten Free. No GMO, Preservatives, or Fillers.

The Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient is made with only 6 whole ingredients plus vitamins & minerals. 

I'm so excited to see how the dogs will like the duck. I'm sure they will love it =) 


I will have a post up in about 2 weeks of how they like it so far. 



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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion*







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