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Eazee Brush (Matrix Review)

Does your dog shed? Dog Hair EVERYWHERE? Mine do, plus the cat hair I think is worse sometimes. We got the opportunity to try the Eazee deshedder brush.

I have always used either a Furminator or a Kong rubber brush. One problem with the Furminator is the metal teeth, I feel like it hurts the dogs. Also it damages the healthy hair. 

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Eazee has plastic smooth teeth. It's Safer, gentler, easier to use and more effective. 

One cool feature is the button on the head of the brush, this makes it easy to dispose of the hair. 

The Eazee is available in cool colors also =) 

I really enjoyed using this brush on the dogs. 

To order a brush Click Here 

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You can buy other types of brush heads to click on to the handle of your Eazee Deshedder.  


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