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Chewy Pharmacy

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GUESS WHAT? Chewy now has a pharmacy =) 

Now your life just got easier. 

It's super easy to order, just add your pet's prescription to your current order. 

Fill out your vet's information at checkout. Chewy will even call your vet for you!

Once your vet approves your prescription, Chewy will send it right away. 

We got to try Chewy Pharmacy as a #ChewyInfluencer. 


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*Don't mind all his drool*

Shipping is super fast. We got ours in no time after it was approved by our vet. 

Approval was also super fast, my vet approved in the same day.

One question I did ask is: Where does chewy get their medications from?

Chewy gets everything straight from the supplier or manufactures. 

A lot of companies do third parties/get from China. 

Prices are great!! 

I Love that has a Pharmacy now!!! 


Click here to check out their awesome new Pharmacy =)


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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion*




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