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Chewy Goody Box

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OMG Guess what??? now has surprise boxes for your cat, small dog & a treat box for dogs. How exciting is this!! You can add the box to your normal chewy order or just order 1 box (Free Shipping).

Bone Appe-Treat: is a treat box with 5 or more full size bags of premium brands. 

Tiny But Mighty: this box is for smaller dogs, treats & toys

Meow You're Talking: is a cat selection box with toys & treats

Each Box is only $19.95 always free shipping.

We got to review a Bone Appe-Treat Box =)


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This is the outside of the box. How adorable is this? =)

It gets even better whats inside


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5 full size bags of goodies plus a bully stick. Plus a cute booklet that tells you about each product plus had a few tricks you could teach your dog.

The Brands in this box are: I And Love And You, Greenies, Starmark, Hill's Ideal Balance, and Halo

Total if you bought all these separate is: $26.39 plus shipping is $4.99 under $49. 

The only down fall is, Mia & Bella have food allergies so they're only allowed the Halo Vegan biscuits. Dino is happy he doesn't have to share all his treats with his sisters though ;)

I hope chewy expands their selections later on. We are excited to see what else they come out with. 


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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion*


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