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Dr. Lyon's Supplements ( Review)

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We got the chance to try Chewy's new supplement product Dr.Lyon's. Combines modern science with trusted methods from the past. Dr. Lyon's was inspired by the first veterinary schools in Lyon, France. Dr. Lyon's products are made in the USA. 

Dr. Lyon's has several different supplements for your dog.

Skin & Coat, Calming, Hip & Joint, Liver Support, and Probiotic.

Dr. Lyon's also has Dental Chews for all sizes. 

As a #ChewyInfluencer I got the chance to try some with the dogs. 



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Dr. Lyon's Calming Aid

Helps temporarily promote balanced mood and calm behavior in dogs when used during possibly stressful situations.

Examples: Car rides, thunderstorms, going to the vet, boarding/grooming, meeting new people

These chews are small & chewable with cheese & liver flavor.

Made with natural plant extract & specially selected nutrients. 

These helped the dogs a little, They still needed something stronger for thunderstorms. I love that this supplement has so many natural ingredients. 


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Dr. Lyon's Skin & Coat

Balanced blend of omegas is formulated to help maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat, plus normal shedding levels in dogs of all coat types.

EPA, DHA, omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and Salmon Oil. 

Soft & Chewable flavored with cheese & liver. 

They dogs had no issues taking these. I just mixed in their food. 



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Dr. Lyon's Liver Support

Helps promote liver health with key herbal extracts and nutrients formulated to assist in maintaining normal liver function.

Great for senior dogs. Small & Chewable.  

They do have a strong smell. 

My dogs were not a huge fan of these. I'm guessing the smell & turmeric root. 




Dr. Lyon's products are all 50% off your first purchase. 

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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion*



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